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A Lot Of New Players Become Sponsored By Casinos

Today’s football has become so much more than just a game. The popularity of this sport brought it to a point where top players are global stars, surpassing the most famous actors, politicians, and entertainers. And with major football leagues being watched by billions, it’s no wonder that there is an increased interest of various companies in establishing sponsorship agreements with football clubs. And for online casinos and betting houses, it’s an opportunity like no other. Increasing your brand awareness to a worldwide audience is an appealing idea for businesses of all kinds, but because most of the online casinos host online sports betting services, sponsoring football teams and players became an absolute hit amongst online gambling outfits. Still, online casinos are far from dominating the world of football sponsorships – that position is still reserved for the companies belonging to the financial domain, automotive industry, and clothing brands. But online casinos are following closely.

There’s no shortage of casino sponsors among some of the biggest football clubs in the world. Unibet sponsors Aston Villa or SlotoCash Casino is one of the biggest sponsors of QPR, Juventus has Betfair, and the list of the clubs sponsored by Bwin during last decade includes the names like AC Milan, Manchester United, FC Bayern Munchen, RSC Anderlecht, VfB Stuttgart and Real Madrid. But that is not where this ends. In today’s football, the world’s top players like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Neymar Jr. are brands for themselves, shadowing teammates, national teams and clubs they play for. That’s why it’s just natural that they started being interesting for the sponsor, including online casinos. It’s easier to sponsor just one person than to sponsor the whole team, and while the results of the marketing on the shirt of a club can vary, global stars are sure to bring the attention to the sponsor’s brand. But signing a global star to a sponsorship contract is an expensive deal, so the sponsors tend to look for top prospects and sign them to long-term contracts, hoping that one of them will grow to become a new superstar. Throughout the world, there are ideas that the interaction between the football and gambling industry should be limited, but the reality is that online casinos are one of the biggest sponsors of today’s professional football. And if you ask them – they are here to stay.